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Cody Walker, Associate


Cody practices in all aspects of family law including divorce, child and spousal support, division of assets and debts, parenting, custody, guardianship, adoption, surrogacy, and child protection.  Prior to joining the firm Cody had a more general practice including civil litigation, personal injury, criminal law, and wills and estates, that provides him with valuable context on more complicated family files.


Marriage / Cohabitation Agreements
Separation Agreements
Spousal Support
Child Support
Guardianship and Custody
Parenting Arrangements
Relocation / Mobility
Enforcing Court Orders
Division of Assets and Debts
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Mediation / Negotiation


Associate of Arts (A.A.) Camosun College, 2007
3rd year standing Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Honours Philosophy / Minor Applied Ethics, University of Victoria, 2009
Juris Doctor (J.D.) – University of Victoria 2012
Called to the Bar - August 22, 2014


Cody takes a practical approach to resolving family law problems, focusing on getting clients the best result at the least cost.  Cody has experience dealing with difficult issues where mental health, addictions, or family violence is present, and takes a compassionate approach to finding solutions that protect and support everyone involved.

Negotiations / Mediations / Agreements – In many cases the most efficient way to resolve a dispute is by writing an agreement or entering into a consent order.   Cody believes the best agreements are reached when everybody has a good understanding of the law and can negotiate on an even playing field.  Sometimes this only involves getting advice, other times it requires negotiations between lawyers or mediation.   Cody has a flexible approach to trying to find solutions that will work for everyone.

Family Litigation – When people either can’t or won’t find a solution, or where the risks are too high to proceed without court protection, litigation is necessary.  Cody works with clients to find the most effective litigation strategy both inside and outside the court.  Although each case is different the strategy will always aim to protect client rights, stabilize the situation, put the client in the strongest position at trial, and ensure follow through with enforcing orders, conducting appeals, or positioning for future applications.


Cody’s philanthropic interests include working to better support mental illness and suicide prevention, particularly as these issues impact families. Cody is also a director of the Downtown Vernon Association working with the community to improve and strengthen the downtown core.

Cody’s personal hobbies include 3d printing, costuming, light woodwork, cooking, and Tabletop Roleplaying Games.



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