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Apr 20, 2017

Judgement Exceeds ICBC Valuation


Ms. Harris was involved in a significant motor vehicle accident on May 27, 2012.  At the time, she was a young mother of two and was... | READ MORE

Mar 30, 2017

Nearly $350,000 Awarded, Far in Excess of ICBC Offer


Larry Lafond retained James Cotter after he was injured in a motor vehicle accident which left him with chronic neck pain and... | READ MORE

Nov 17, 2016

Mistrial, ICBC Abuse of Process


Senior Litigation partner Michael Yawney and associate Ryan Irving recently obtained an interesting decision in a... | READ MORE

Jul 19, 2016

Neighbours Found Liable for Flooding Damage


Trial conducted by Daniel Poulin in April of 2016.

Our client, Mr. Medema, sued his neighbours, Mr. and Mrs. McCreight (the... | READ MORE

Dec 01, 2015

Jury Award Far Exceeds ICBC Offer

Jury Trial Conducted by James Cotter and Ryan Irving, December 2015

Our client, Mr. Haller, was 62 years old at the time he was... | READ MORE

Nov 30, 2015

British Columbia Court of Appeal confirms that couple were spouses and the Family Law Act applies

Kylie Walman, Associate, was retained to go to the Court of Appeal on behalf of one of the parties in a family law dispute concerning whether he and... | READ MORE

Jul 01, 2015

Claim for life changing injuries results in $2,200,000.00

Senior Litigation Partner Mike Yawney was retained by the father of a 20 year old daughter who was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident to... | READ MORE

Jun 03, 2015

ICBC Ordered to Pay Costs for Inappropriate Application

Mr. Cotter represents a young lady injured in a motor vehicle accident where her main injury is a chronic whip lash injury to her neck.  This claimant... | READ MORE

May 01, 2015

$495,000.00 Settlement

Senior Litigation Partner Mike Yawney was retained by a 48 year old man who was hit broadside by a vehicle that failed to stop at a stop sign. The... | READ MORE

Apr 14, 2015

Plantiff Awarded $670,000 in damages

Mike Yawney, senior personal injury litigation partner, and associate Ryan Irving, took this claim to trial.  The Plaintiff, Mr. Dunbar,  had been... | READ MORE

Feb 02, 2015

DeMarco v Challenger Motor Freight et al

Michael Yawney, Senior Litigation Partner, was retained by Mr. DeMarco to pursue a claim for injuries against a long haul truck driver, and the... | READ MORE

Jul 22, 2014

Hermanson v. Durkee

Recent personal injury claim obtains a judgment of approximately $2.5 million.

Senior personal injury partner, Mike Yawney, took this claim to a... | READ MORE

Nov 19, 2013

Dandell v. Thompson Rivers University, BC Court of Appeal

The Plaintiff, Mr. Dandell, while taking a shortcut to class, walked down a steep hill, slipped, fell and broke his ankle.  As this was a common... | READ MORE

Jun 26, 2013

McCluskey v. Desilets

Senior Litigation Partner Mike Yawney took this claim to trial in March of 2013.  The Plaintiff was a back seat passenger in a vehicle driven by the... | READ MORE

Jan 28, 2013

Morrison v. Van Den Tillaart, BC Court of Appeal

The Plaintiff, Mr. Morrison, purchased a property on Shuswap Lake in 1993.  The property was subject to an easement which allowed the neighbours, the... | READ MORE

Jan 15, 2013

Nadeau v. Okanagan Urban Youth & Cultural Assn., 2013 BCSC 55

The plaintiff, Jason Sean Nadeau, was injured on July 1st, 2005, when he was struck by a motor vehicle. He was attending a music concert at an outdoor... | READ MORE

Dec 19, 2012

Beagle v. Cornelson

Kelvin Beagle was injured in a car accident on July 8, 2007. The defendants have admitted liability; at issue is the assessment of damages. Counsel... | READ MORE

Dec 13, 2012

Dandell v. Thompson Rivers University, Supreme Court of BC

On February 9, 2009, the plaintiff fell and broke his leg while on the premises of the defendant. He sued, alleging that the defendant was negligent... | READ MORE

Feb 10, 2012

Morrison v. Van Den Tillaart, Supreme Court of BC

Mr. Morrison and the Van Den Tillaarts are neighbours along the shore of the Shuswap Lake near Canoe, British Columbia. Mr. Morrison bought his land... | READ MORE