Brain injury claim resolves for more than $3,900,000.00 plus costs


Michael Yawney QC , along with Partner Ryan Irving and Associate Allison Jaquish took a complex mild traumatic brain injury claim to the brink of trial and resolved it for over $3,900,000 plus costs.

The plaintiff was injured when she was 11 years old when the vehicle she was a passenger in veered off the highway and down an embankment due to the negligence of the adult driver. The plaintiff was ejected from the vehicle and was found walking along the side of the highway with minor scrapes on her. The claim was complex because over the course of months after the collision it became apparent that something was wrong with the young girl. Mr. Yawney and his team had to retain occupational therapists and medical specialists to help the plaintiff, and the family. The provincial insurer provided little or no assistance to the family. Mr. Yawney did his best to push the claim through litigation and was able to obtain a reasonable settlement shortly before trial.