Claim for life changing injuries results in $2,200,000.00


Senior Litigation Partner Mike Yawney was retained by the father of a 20 year old daughter who was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident to assist her in pursuing a claim for life changing injuries. She had no memory of the accident. She suffered a moderate to severe brain injury in the accident, along with other physical injuries that required a lengthy hospital stay and rehabilitation. The claim was difficult to pursue because the young woman was initially blamed for causing the accident.  After retaining the involvement of accident reconstruction engineers, human factors experts, and an extensive investigation of the accident, our team was able to substantiate an argument that the young woman was not solely responsible for causing the accident; that other parties had some responsibility for it occurring.
 In addition to a hard fight on liability, the assessment of the young woman’s injuries also required extensive work. Several medical specialists were retained to assess the plaintiff, including a physiatrist,  neuropsychologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, occupational therapist and life planning/care experts, economists and life expectancy experts, along with a case manager to assist the plaintiff in her day to day life. The matter resolved shortly before a month long scheduled trial for approximately $2,200,000.00 including costs.