Consent of Child and Biological Parents during Adoption



Are you considering adopting a step-child, or the child of a friend or family member?

Before you do so you should know that adopting a child removes all rights and responsibilities from the original parent and gives them to you.   Depending on your situation there may be options short of adoption that would give you the legal standing you need without entirely removing the parents from the picture.

If you want to proceed with adoption you will need the consent of the child’s parents and guardians, as well as the support of the child.   Depending on the child’s age this may come in the form of a simple affidavit or could be the report of a social worker who meets with the child to talk about adoption.   If you cannot find a parent to obtain consent there are options to ask the court to dispense with that consent.

Our experienced lawyers can help you discuss your options, gather the necessary forms and consents, and guide you through the process.