Considering Adoption?



Adoption is the process of changing a person’s legal parentage and can come up in many ways, including:  adoption through a licensed agency, adoption of children in care, private adoptions, and step-parent adoptions.   Each type of adoption has it’s own process, but all require the final approval of the court to become official.   If properly done most adoptions will be a matter of correctly filing the necessary paperwork and will not require an appearance in court.   Our lawyers are familiar with the rules and regulations around adoption and the local court practices and can help make this final step as fast and easy as possible.   In those rare cases where advocacy in court is required our lawyers have extensive experience in appearing at all levels of our court system.

Many couples go through the adoption process with a licensed adoption agency that can help place infants from parents in British Columbia and sometimes from oversees in new families.   Others take in children who were permanently removed from their parents care by the Ministry of Child and Family Development because their home was unsafe.   Other people want to adopt the child of a relative, which is called a private adoption.  In all cases the process can be as long and daunting as it is rewarding.

Our lawyers help parents understand the process and help them complete it as seamlessly as possible.