Major highway collision resolves for over $14,000,000 for infant girl


Michael Yawney QC was asked by an Alberta lawyer to take on a complex injury claim from a collision that occurred on Hwy # 1 in BC, near the Alberta border. A tractor trailer lost control on winter roads and hit a family travelling back to Alberta. A young baby was severely injured in the collision, suffering a severe brain injury and other injuries that compromised her development. The effect on the little girl and her family had been devastating. After many years of work on the file, one trial and a pending further trial, the infant girl’s claim was resolved for over $14,000,000.00; most of that amount was to cover her daily care needs for the rest of her life because she would never be able to live on her own or have her own life. Mr. Yawney’s team included a case manager/paralegal, many legal assistants lawyers and two of his partners, Allyson Edwards and Ryan Irving.