Rauch v. Hebekerl – Debt Collection

Daniel Draht acted as counsel for the Plaintiff, Connie Rauch in a matter against Florian Hebekerl.

Mr. Hebekerl had been ordered to pay the Plaintiff $35,000.00 following a trial of Ms. Rauch’s claim against him.  Unfortunately, Mr. Hebekerl did not pay the judgment despite the court order.

Mr. Draht proceeded to set a payment hearing followed by a default hearing in the matter.  Following a default hearing, the Honourable Judge R. Hewson ordered a term of imprisonment for Mr. Hebekerl due to his failure to make payments on the judgment. Judge Hewson noted that in nearly 10 years as a judge he had never had to order a jail term for failure to pay a debt in small claims court.

Within months of his release from prison, Mr. Hebekerl paid the judgment amount in full with interest.