Understanding Rights & Responsibilities of Adoption



Do you have a stepchild?   Are you the main caregiver for a child you are not legally the parent of?   Are you considering adoption?

Adoption can be an excellent way to recognize that you are a child’s parent and always will be.   An adoption also gives you all the rights of a parent.   On the other hand an adoption comes with all the responsibilities of a parent.   This can mean child support obligations, and requirements to provide for that child in your will.

Adoptions also cancel the rights and responsibilities of the original parent.  That can have an impact on the rights of your child to support and inheritances from their original parents.   When you adopt a child you should consider all these issues and make sure you understand before you proceed.

Our experienced lawyers can meet with you for a consultation to discuss how adoptions are done, what is required, what the costs are, and how it will impact your rights and responsibilities, the child’s rights, and the rights and responsibilities of the original parents.