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  • What is a Will?
  • What items does a Will not address?
  • Do I only need a Will?
  • If I die without a Will, will the government receive my Estate?
  • Can my Executor also be a beneficiary of my Estate?
  • I am not satisfied with the current terms of my Will and I no longer wish for the person named in my Power of Attorney to be my Attorney. What can I do?
  • Why should I have a lawyer draft my Will when there are Will kits available?
  • I am the Executor of an Estate. Am I allowed to engage advisors to assist me with my duties?
  • My father passed away some time ago and my mother has recently passed away without making a Will. My siblings and I want to attend to the distribution of her Estate. Her Estate is not large, a small house and modest savings. Can you help?
  • What is a Committeeship and under what circumstances would it be required?